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Cloud Infrastructure and Services

Course Number:  CMPT483

Course Description

This course examines the technical building blocks of Cloud Computing.  It examines the different type of service models, delivery models and characteristics that make up a typical cloud environment.  The course will touch on the different cloud providers today including OpenStack and Amazon.  It will also cover the impacts that cloud has on security, networking, and maintenance.  The economics of cloud and how they impact cloud services will also be covered.

Prerequisite:  Data Communications and Networks (CMPT 306) or industry experience within the field.

Learning Objectives

Upon completion of this course, students will be able to demonstrate:

a)    Basic understanding of what embodies a cloud environment

b)    An understanding of the impacts that cloud has to traditional data centers

c)     An understanding of the different cloud providers

d)    Knowledge of the business aspects of cloud computing

e)    Knowledge of what it takes to build cloud services

f)      Knowledge of cloud security

g)    An understanding of cloud migration

Topics Covered:

  • Definition of the cloud

  • Impacts to traditional data centers

              -  Choice of hypervisor

              -  Networking

              -   Security

  • Cloud Providers

               -   OpenStack

               -   Amazon

  • Cloud Economics

               -   CapEX vs. OpEx

               -   Billing and metering

  • Building the Cloud

               -   Compute

               -   Storage

               -   Network

               -   Identity/Security

              -   Migration/CloudBursting