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System zTidbitz

zTidbitz are a collection of condensed or summary information on a wide range of z/OS and System z hardware topics. You can think of them as "cheat sheets" or reference sheets in that they greatly condense considerably more product documentation. So they leave out a lot of detail and subtleties, but nevertheless, they can be very useful if you need a reminder or quick review of a topic area you are somewhat familiar with. Enjoy!


System z APACHE SPARK -Posted 04/26/2016

RACF remote sharing facility (RRSF) - Posted 04/01/2016

LinuxONE plus z13 Enhancements - Posted 03/11/2016

z/OS' Module Placment - Part 2 - Posted 03/09/2016

z/OS' Module Placement - Posted 02/23/2016


Click on a topic category below and you will be taken to the collection of z/Tidbitz for that topic:


Application Development

Automatic Binary Optimizer - Posted 11/20/2015

COBOL V5 - Next Generation - Posted 07/15/2014

Rational Developer for System z

z/OS' Metal C -Revised 04/10/2012

z/OS' Application Integration with R13 - Posted 05/21/12

Basic z/OS Features

EREP - Posted 11/20/2015

z/OS Address Space Private Areas - Posted 01/16/2015

z/OS V2R1 Batch Runtime - Posted 09/24/2014

z/OS V2R1 Virtual Lookaside Facility - Posted  09/24/2014

Base Control Program Interface (BCPii) - Posted 07/11/2011

Batchpipes for z/OS

Capacity Provisioning

Catalog - Posted 04/26/2011     

CLIST_Gregorian to Julian

 Cross Memory Services

Decimal Floating Point

Extended Addressability

Extended System Queue Area in z/OS 1.11

Hour Glass

Installation - Post Installation Fixes

Language Environment

Logs and the Logger

Problem Determination - Posted 01/10/2011         

Processes Enclaves & Threads

Resource Serialization

Resource Recovery Services

Started Task Control

Software Licensing - Posted  07/29/2011


Virtual Storage Access Method

V=R Terminology

zEnterprise Cloud Computing - Posted 10/7/2011

z/Architecture Storage

z/OS 1.11

z/OS 1.11 Upgrade and Migration

z/OS Control Blocks - Posted  06/29/2011

zOS Guests in zVM - Posted 04/07/2014

z/OS Management Facility

z/OS R13 REST API -Posted  11/18/11

z/OS System Overview

z/OS V1.12

z/OS V1.13 - Posted  08/29/2011

z/OS Virtual Storage Map and Content Overview - Posted  01/17/2011

z/OS Withdrawn Fuctions up to Aug 2011 - Posted  08/16/2011   

z/OS XML Services

z/OS Batch Runtime - Posted 01/09/2012

z/OS Management Facility and WLM - Posted 02/06/2012

z/OS' 64-bit Address Space - Posted 12/12/2012

z/OS Version 2 Release 1 - Posted 11/05/2013

z/OS Version 2 Release 2 Brief  - Posted 01/30/2015

z/OS' V2R1 Health Checker - Posted 02/19/2014 

z/OS V2 R2 Security Brief - Posted 02/18/2015


Input/Output (I/O)

z/OS V21 Dynamic Channel Management Posted 09/12/2014

An I/O White Paper for System z

Channel Subsystem
Fiber Channel Multiplex-Demultiplex

FICON A Reference - Posted 02/19/2014
Life of an I/O Operation
Multiple Logical Channel Subsystem
Parallel Access Volumes (PAV)
z196 and the I/O Subsystem

The zEC12 & IOS - Posted 09/21/2012


Java Batch
Java Virtual Machine

CICS' 64-Bit Java  - Posted  04/20/2012

Operator Commands

MVS Console Commands


 OSA vs HiperSockets vs RoCE - Posted 11/07/2014

Parallel Sysplex

DB2 on z Parallel Sysplex Clarification
SYSPLEX & Parallel Sysplex
Sysplex Distributor
Sysplex Failure Manager

Performance Monitoring

Capture Fault Events
RMF Coupling Facility(CF) Reports

The LSPR - Q&A - posted 04/16/2013

Storage Management

DFSORT Customization and Tuning - Posted 12/12/2014


Pinning Data in Storage_VLF
VSAM_Extended Format_Extended Addressability

VSAM Linear Data Sets  - Posted  07/22/2013

VSAM Record Level Sharing - Posted  07/29/2013

System Availability

Disaster Recovery (GDPS)
SMART Failure Analysis
zOS_Automatic Restart Manager

Server Hardware

z Systems Logical Partition Characteristics

Controlling Execution of zIIPs and zAAPs
Cryptographic Hardware
Hiper Dispatch
History of the Mainframe
How different are OS/390 and z/OS
IPSec and IIPs for z/OS

LPAR Weight Concepts - Posted 01/02/14

Logical Partitioning Processors and Weights
Micro Code Concepts
Processor Storage Subsystem
PR/SM CPU Dispatching
Running a zAAP Workload on zIIP Engine - Posted  04/04/2011
System Assist Processor(SAP) - the free CPU on z

zEC12 - Posted  09/21/2012

HiperDispatch Revisited - Posted  05/29/2013

SMC-R - Posted 09/04/2013

  zEnterprise (z196)

A Sample zEnterprise Implementation - Posted  02/07/2011
DataPower X150z - Posted  03/11/2011
Glossary & Terms
Out of Order Execution - Posted  11/02/2010
Platform Performance Management - Posted  09/07/2010
Platform Performance Planning
Unified Resource Manager
Using zEnterprise Architecture
z196 Feature Summary - Posted  01/10/2011
zEnterprise (z196) Overview
zManager and Network Extensions

Ensembles & zBX Revisited - Posted  01/02/2013

  z9 Features

Logical System Structure

z10 Features

10 minutes of z10 ElevatorPitch

Hiper Dispatch
z10 Enterprise Class
z10 Large Page Support
z10 SC_engines


The EC12 - Posted 09/21/2012

z/OS's zAware - Posted 10/05/2012

Flash Express - Posted 04/04/2013  Modified - 04/14/2015

zEnterprise Data Compression - Posted 08/19/2013


z13 Security - Posted 05/07/2015

z13 IOS & FICON16S - Posted 04/27/2015

New z13 Instruction Technology - Posted 03/25/2015

IBM z13 - Posted 03/05/2015

Transaction and Database Processing


IMS_Then and Today

IBM DB2 Analytics Accelerator V21  Posted  03/15/2012

Total Cost of Ownership

CSC Data Center Consolidation

z/OS Unix

Find z/OS UNIX
Hierarchical File Systems
Shared File Systems
Unix System Services Messages and Codes
zFS file systems in sysplex sharing

z/OS Unix

z/OS Batch Unix - Posted 12/22/2011

Some z/OS Unix Tidbits - Posted  03/04/2013

zOS Unix Shell Command - Posted 04/14/2014

Workload Management

A Closer Look at WLM
Blocked Workloads
Cooperative Management & z/OS' WLM - Posted 06/29/2011             
Dispatchable Unit of Work (UOW)
Enclaves & Specialty Processors
The Job Entry Subsystem (JES)

Special Protection Options for Critical Workloads  - Posted 02/24/2014

Websphere Application Server (WAS)' WLM 101
Websphere Application Server(WAS) & Resource Group (RG) Protecting Work
WLM Resource Groups
Workload Management (WLM) 101

z/OS' WLM Frequently Asked Questions Posted  09/04/2012


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