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Data Center Frequently Asked Questions



Academic FAQ

How much time should I expect to devote to a class?

Most students average 9-12 hours per week. You may need to devote more or less time to the classes to be successful depending on your abilities.

Where do I purchase my textbooks?

Textbook information is sent to all enrolled students two weeks before the start date of a course. Many students choose to purchase their textbooks from an online merchant. It is important to remember to purchase the edition recommended by the course instructor.

I have a lot of professional experience. Can I receive course exemptions and still get the certificate?

Students must participate in all of the courses within a certificate program and course exemptions are generally not granted. If a student has recently completed very similar coursework at another academic institution, they may submit an official transcript and course syllabus to see if an exception can be made. Again, these exceptions are very rare.

How many credits are given for each data center course?

Most of the courses are 3 or 4 credits each which can be applied towards a fully online bachelors degree at Marist College.  Currently Advanced Facilities Management is a non-credit bearing course.

Do I have to be “present” at a certain time to participate in an on line class?

No. The class is managed using the iLearn course management system and class activities are completed asynchronously by the students and instructor. You work on the course materials and assignments when it is convenient for you within the constraints of the class assignment due dates.

How will my course grade be determined?

This will be explained for each class in the syllabus provided for each class. Usually a combination of quizzes and graded assignments are used to determine a final course grade for each student.

What if a student fails a course?

It is our strongest hope that few, if any, students would receive failing grades. Upon enrolling in the data center credit bearing courses, all students are provided with a Marist College-IDCP handbook which explains deadlines, procedures and policies for dropping or withdrawing from their courses, requesting an incomplete and information about tuition refunds. Students who fail to achieve a grade of "C" or better, will not be eligible to receive their Associate certificate.

I only want to take one class which is part of a Certificate sequence of classes. How do I do that?

Students may enroll in individual classes, but will not be awarded a certificate.

Are the credits earned transferable to other colleges or universities?

All of the data center courses provide undergraduate college credits. It is at the discretion of the school to which you are applying as to whether or not the courses are acceptable for transfer credit. Students should contact the Marist College Registrar's Office to request official transcripts when needed.

If I am awarded a certificate, can I continue on for a Bachelor's Degree at Marist College?

It is possible for select IDCP students to complete their undergraduate degree through Marist College's School of Graduate and Continuing Education. Select programs are available on-line while others require attendance on campus.

If I successfully complete the courses, do I still need to take a certificate exam? Can I take an exam in lieu of the courses?

Students who successfully complete required courses with a grade of "C" or better will be awarded certificates without the need for taking a separate exam. There is no certification exam in lieu of course material.


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Financial FAQ

Is the tuition refundable?

Tuition may be refunded if the student formally withdraws from the class within the first several days of the class start date. Students may receive partial refunds in the early stages of the class based on the withdrawal/refund schedule outlined by the registrar's office. Information is outlined in the Student Policy guide provided to IDCP students upon enrollment.

Do you have a payment plan available?

If your company is sponsoring your participation your tuition payment may be deferred until the end of the course.  Please contact us for more information.

Can I use a credit or debit card to pay the tuition?

Yes. The IDCP staff will assist you with credit card payment transactions.


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General FAQ

  1. I don’t see a FAQ that applies to my question. What should I do?
    Contact us.

  2. I have a special situation that I believe will change the answer to one of your FAQs. What should I do?
    Contact us 


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Technology FAQ

  1. What is iLearn?

    iLearn is a course management system that is used to deliver and manage the on line courses offered through the IDCP. It is a menu driven collection of tools that is easy to use. An overview tutorial is available here. An iLearn orientation session will be provided prior to the beginning of your class.

  2. What do I need to access and use iLearn and the course materials?

    You should have access to a fairly recent computer and access to a high speed internet connection. You should have an e-mail account that can be checked regularly.

  3. What programs will I need to use the course materials?

    You will need an up to date web browser. You will also need to have access to programs that can read Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, and Adobe PDF files. These can be “readers” or equivalent open source programs generally available for free on the internet. Additional information will be provided when your class begins.

  4. What if I experience problems using iLearn? How do I get help?

    You can review the iLearn tutorial and Student FAQs to see if they help solve the problem. both are available on the iLearn log in page ( The Marist Help Desk should be able to help with iLearn problems. You can send an e-mail to or call 845-575-HELP. You should also notify your instructor to let them know what problem has been encountered.


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