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Enterprise Systems Education - Frequently Asked Questions



Academic FAQ

  1. How much time should I expect to devote to a class?

    Most students average 12-15 hours per week. You may need to devote more or less time to the classes to be successful depending on your abilities.

  2.  What text books are used for the classes?

    Most classes provide the appropriate soft copy text or equivalent materials as part of the course (no additional charge). You generally do not have to purchase a text for the classes.

  3.  I have a lot of z/OS experience. Can I skip the Associate Certificate and start with the Professional Certificate?

    Possibly. For more information, please contact the Program Administrator. 

  4.  Is the z/OS Mastery Exam included in the Associate Certificate?

    No. The Associate Certificate classes prepare you to take the z/OS Mastery Exam. Your instructor will provide more information on when and how to take the z/OS Mastery Exam.

  5.  How will I receive my class grade?

    You will receive your class grade in the iLearn course management system grade book.

  6.  I’ve completed the Associate (or Professional) Certificate. Do I have to apply to continue with the Professional (or Expert) Certificate?

    No, students that successfully complete the Associate Certificate or Professional Certificate will be provided information on how to proceed into the next Certificate program.

  7.  I have taken the Introduction to z/OS class as part of the Associate Certificate. I'd like to now take one of the application programming certificates. Do I have to take and pay for the same course again?

    No. Students that have successfully completed the Introduction to z/OS class as part of the Associate Certificate can start with the second class in the application programming certificate. They will received a reduced tuition rate for the application programming certificate of interest.

  8.  Do I have to be “present” at a certain time to participate in an on line class?

    In general, no. The class is managed using the iLearn course management system and class activities are completed asynchronously by the students and instructor. You work on the course materials and assignments when it is convenient for you within the constraints of the class assignment due dates.

  9. How will my course grade be determined?

    This will be explained for each class in the syllabus provided for each class. Usually a combination of quizzes and graded assignments are used to determine a final course grade for each student.

  10. Are there “hands on” labs in the classes?

    Most of the classes incorporate labs which will provide an opportunity for “hands on” skill building using modern hardware (e.g. IBM z9 server) and software (e.g. IBM z/OS 1.9 operating system).

  11. I only want to take one class which is part of a Certificate sequence of classes. How do I do that?

    In general, we do not allow students to enroll in just one class that is part of a Certificate. Most of our students complete the full cohort of courses that leads to awarding a Certificate.  However, occasionally we have had a student take one or more classes because of a special area of expertise needed within a short time frame. Please contact us so we can better understand your situation.

  12. Who takes these on line z/OS classes?

    The students are typically working professionals from around the world with a range (from very little to substantial) of Enterprise Systems experience.


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Financial FAQ

  1. Is the tuition refundable?

    Tuition for non credit classes/certificates is non-refundable. Any refund for tuition for credit bearing classes/certificates follows the standard Marist College policies.

  2. Can I pay for a single class that is part of a Certificate?

    For non credit certificates, no. For credit bearing certificates, yes.

  3. Do you have a payment plan available?

    The entire tuition is due prior to the start of a credit bearing class, however students who will receive sponsorship from their employers may complete a marist college tuition deferment form to defer billing. Students enrolling in the non-credit certificate program must pay tuition in full prior to the start of the program.

  4. Can I use a credit or debit card to pay the tuition?

    Yes. The IDCP Staff will assist you with credit card payment transactions.

  5. Is the tuition rate the same for credit and non-credit bearing classes/certificates?

    No, credit bearing classes/certificates are offered at the standard Marist tuition rates. Non credit classes/certificates may be offered at a reduced tuition rate.


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General FAQ

  1. I don’t see a FAQ that applies to my question. What should I do?

    Contact us using any of the mechanisms described here.

  2. I have a special situation that I believe will change the answer to one of your FAQs. What should I do?

    Contact us using any of the mechanisms described here.


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Technology FAQ

  1. What is iLearn?

    iLearn is a course management system that is used to deliver and manage the on line version of the z/OS Certificate program and other classes at Marist College. It is a menu driven collection of tools that is easy to use. An overview tutorial is available here. An iLearn orientation session will be provided prior to the beginning of your class.

  2. What do I need to access and use iLearn and the course materials?

    You should have access to a modern personal computer and access to a high speed internet connection.  The internet connection must be "clear" - i.e. not behind a firewall (which could be the case if you are thinking of accessing the course materials from a work location).  If you are not sure if your internet connection is behind a firewall, try accessing the IDCP web site ( from the location you intend to use to access the course materials using either Internet Explorer or Firefox (other browsers are not supported by iLearn).  If you can view the IDCP web site and one of the videos on this page, you should be able to access the course materials.  

    You will need a TN3270 emulator.  If you don't have one already installed on your personal computer, you will be given instructions on how to get one for free.  You will need "administrative authority" for your personal computer in order to install the TN3270 emulator.  If you are using a personal computer from work, you will need to make sure that you are allowed to install software on the machine or use a different (non-work) personal computer.

  3. What programs will I need to use the course materials?

    You will need an up to date web browser (Internet Explorer or Firefox). You will also need to have access to programs that can read Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, and Adobe PDF files. These can be “readers” or equivalent open source programs generally available for free on the internet. Additional information will be provided when your class begins.  You will need a TN3270 emulator to access the Knowledge Center server.  If you have a TN3270 emulator, you can use it.  If you do not have a TN3270 emulator, you will be given instructions on how to obtain a free TN3270 emulator.  However, you will need to make sure you can install the emulator software on the personal computer you plan to use to do the course work.  To do so usually requires "administrative authority". 

  4. For a list of compatible browsers and operating systems that support  iLearn, click here

  5. What if I experience problems using iLearn? How do I get help?

    You can review the iLearn tutorial and Student FAQ to see if they help solve the problem. Both are available on the iLearn log on page ( ). The Marist Help Desk should be able to help with iLearn problems.You can send an e-mail to or call 845-575-HELP. You should also let your instructor know what problem has been encountered.

  6. What if I experience problems using the Marist Knowledge Center (e.g. TSO, z/OS second level systems)? How do I get help?

    The Marist Help Desk does not support the Knowledge Center z/OS systems. You should consult your class documentation for suggestions on how to resolve the problem. If that does not work, let your instructor know what problem you have encountered. 


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