Education and Certification for Data Center and Enterprise Computing Professionals with a Focus on Long-Term Value

Enterprise Systems Education Introduction

Many large companies continue to rely on mainframes running on IBM Z, yet the professionals who manage and operate these systems are retiring. The Institute for Data Center Professionals is addressing this critical skills shortage by offering these unique educational programs.

Marist College and IBM have jointly developed these worldwide programs designed to educate personnel who are entering the field as well as those with experience in IBM Z and z/OS and a variety of application programming tracks including COBOL, DB2, and Assembler language. A combination of lecture and “hands on” experience helps build valuable skills needed by mainframe professionals.

In addition, there is no question that technology is ever changing and businesses must adapt to remain viable and productive. With this in mind, the IDCP offers a variety of certificate programs focusing on cutting edge, emerging technologies including Running Linux on z/VM,  Business Analytics and  Cybersecurity.


For an Overview of IDCP z/OS Training - Distinguishing Characteristics 

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