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Data Center Student Testimonials

 "Overall this CDCP program is much more comprehensive than other training available and deserves a higher certification than CDCP. There aren’t any other data center training programs like it. The instructors are experts in their field and teach data center fundamentals that are often overlooked or misunderstood, and build on them to advanced concepts. I use knowledge gained in this program daily, and it has expanded my capabilities well beyond what I expected. "


“ There hasn't been a single day since I completed the Data Center Technology/CDCP Program that I wasn't grateful for the education and the experience. It was THAT significant and life and career changing. So thank you again. Also, all the professors and materials in my program were TOP NOTCH. I am still very proud of the work I did and what I learned. It all made me a better IT professional, greatly increasing my skills and my confidence in myself and my abilities.”


“ I have and will continue to enjoy your Institute for Data Center Professionals certificate programs at Marist. The programs I have completed to date have been very educational and applicable to my needs as a data center project coordinator. With the training I received I have successfully filled in the gap between our IT and Facilities teams and our Data Center projects are much more productive. ”


 “The IDCP is the only program of its kind, designed to educate and certify data center staff to run the data center professionally.”


“IDCP stands by, ready to provide information, education, training, and the certifications to prove that the data center professionals is just that – a certified professional in their field.”


“Regarding the benefits of the IDCP program,we believe strongly in it.The knowledge that I have gained which has enabled us to make needed improvements to our current data center has helped so much.I have been told twice this week by vendors that it's rare that they work with Data Center Managers who have the knowledge that we have.One even said that no salesman is going to be able to 'sell me a line of goods'.”






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