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z/OS Program Overview

The Enterprise Systems z/OS Systems Programming Track is organized in three sequential Certificates, each of which consists of three modules (or classes). The Associate Certificate does not assume any IBM Z or z/OS knowledge. The Professional and Expert Certificates build on the foundation laid in the Associate Certificate modules. Each of the Certificate modules focus on IBM Z and z/OS technology but each also exposes the students to the business value delivered by the technology. All of the certificate modules are taught by instructors who have extensive experience with the technology under study.

The Enterprise Systems z/OS Application Programming Track is organized into four independent Certificates each of which covers a specific programming language or programming environment. Each of the Certificates is organized into three modules (or classes). The Certificates do not assume any IBM Z or z/OS knowledge. Familiarity with a programming language or programming concepts is helpful. Each of the modules focus on language constructs, features, and programming techniques of value to the application programmer who will be developing or maintaining applications for IBM Z.


z/OS System Programming Certificates


                             z/OS Associate                           




                            z/OS Professional                                                 



                              z/OS Expert                          

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z/OS Application Programming Certificates

COBOL Application Programming



DB2 Application Programming



Assembler Language Application Programming


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