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System z Assembler Language Resources


Text Book:

Assembler Language Programming for IBM z System Servers -  Version 2.00 by John R. Ehrman  

 This is a comprehensive System z assembler language text.  It covers the "basics" such as number representation and conversion, the CPU, registers, memory and the PSW.  It goes on to cover assembler statements, basic machine instructions, programming constructs such as loops and "immediate" instructions as well as floating point arithmetic and instructions.  Program modularization and linkage conventions are also covered.  The text includes exercises and programming problems throughout.  

Note:  For those intending to do the exercises, you will find a zip file that contains the macros in Appendix B. The macros  can be down loaded by right clicking ==> Here

Note B:  Instructors may want to download presentation charts for Chapters 1-8 here ==>  Full Size Charts

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Author's Comment:

"I was introduced to a computer when I should have been studying physics at the University of Illinois, and was immediately addicted.  Later, I worked in the Computation Center of the Stanford Linear Accelerator where I did some part-time teaching about IBM Assembler Language; portions of this text were started there. After tiring of fighting IBM I decided to join them, where I had good fortune and management support to develop the IBM High Level Assembler, and to create this text and related materials".

We deeply regret to announce the death of Dr. John Ehrman, the author of this book. Deceased: February 20, 2018. A memorial may be found at  .

Reference Books:

 High Level Assembler Reference for z/OS & z/VM &z/VSE    Version 1 Release 6

 A reference book for the System z assembler language.  Here is where you will find information on program structure and addressing, machine instruction formats, assembler instruction statements, the macro language and conditional assembly instructions.


 High Level Assembler for z/OS & z/VM & z/VSE Programmers Guide - Version 1 Release 6

A reference book for programmer's writing assembler language programs.  The book covers the assembler listing, assembler control options, user exits, assembler error diagnosis and how to assemble, link, and run a program on z/OS, z/VM or z/VSE.


z/Architecture - Principles of Operation -

The definitive reference book for the z architecture server.   This book contains a description of all of the instructions in the z architecture.  It also covers storage, program execution, interrupts, machine check handling, I/O and I/O interrupts, and floating point instructions.


 z/Architecture Reference Summary -

A summary of information of use to assembler language programmers.



The Punctilious Programmer  

A web site by Dr. David. Woolbright that provides instructional articles, a video course, and the VisibleZ object code interpreter that can be used for teaching and learning System z assembler language.

David Woolbright

 Dr. David Woolbright