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"The relationship between training and pay is further validated when examining the base pay of those who attended training over the past 12 months. Nearly 75% of IT professionals who attended training earned an average base salary of $82.8K; those who did not attend training earned an average of $78.4K."

Source: TechRepublic / Global Knowledge 2009 IT Skills and Salary Report

Start Small, Grow Tall:  Why Cloud Now

Companies face a number of obstacles to cloud adoption.  Among them:  differences between business and IT executives about the pace of adoption; differing stages of maturity within the cloud adoption continuum; and the need to avoid compromising the cloud's benefits with acattershot, uncoordinated adoption. (April 23, 2013)


Report:  Facebook Planning World's "Most Advanced Data Center in Iowa"

Facebook is prepping what's been touted as the world's "most technologically advanced" data center in the city of Altoona, Iowa, according to a new report. (April 


Google announces its own OS to take on Windows 7 in 2010

The company has taken another step toward the software market by leveraging cloud computing. What impact will this have on traditional software players and the future of computing as a whole? (8 Jul 2009)

Is it time to make room for mobile Chrome?

The launch of Google's new Chrome browser and subsequent comments by company execs point to a mobile version of Android. How will this impact the mobile market – and how will the new browser fare in an already crowded space? (9 Sep 2008)

Google looks to polish the Web experience with Chrome

By releasing its own fresh take on the Web browser, Google is looking to own the client-side experience for its services. But what else about Google's ambitions does this release reveal? (2 Sep 2008)


MontaVista targets embedded Linux users with market-specific versions

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MontaVista mixes community, commercial Linux by starting Meld and joining Moblin

Mobile and embedded Linux player MontaVista is creating a community for embedded Linux engineers and device developers, as well as joining Intel's Moblin, but will this help it stand out from the crowd? (9 Mar 2009)

Wind River aims to capitalize on mobile Linux consolidation

The company says that after years of false starts and fragmentation, mobile Linux is finally coalescing around two leading consortia; can Wind River take advantage? (18 Dec 2008)

MontaVista sticks with Linux to climb higher in embedded and mobile markets

The company has the advantage of being among early adopters of a mobile and embedded OS strategy based on Linux, but new rivals, proprietary competition and commodification are formidable challenges. (16 Apr 2008)

Mobile and embedded Linux vendor MontaVista gets new CEO

(20 Feb 2008)


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Cavium Networks grabs MontaVista Software, fuels embedded Linux consolidation

Mobile and embedded Linux consolidation continues – what will this move mean for the other hardware and software players not yet in the game? (11 Nov 2009)

How will recent moves by Intel and Google shake up the embedded OS space?

In June, Intel plunged headfirst into the embedded software market with its $884m acquisition of Wind River. Meanwhile, Google is shaking things up with its own Android OS and now Chrome OS. What will this all mean for the embedded OS arena? (3 Aug 2009)

Mentor Graphics buys Embedded Alley on road to Linux, Android

We were wondering which hardware company would be the next one to look to software and services in the embedded Linux space – what does the acquirer get in this deal? (31 Jul 2009)

Intel breaks its acquisition-shy habits to spend $884m on embedded leader Wind River

The acquirer hopes to move beyond its traditional PC and server markets to make a splash in mobile and embedded applications, which should help it sell more Atom chips. (5 Jun 2009)

Wind River acquires MIZI Research, further consolidating mobile Linux players

The deal marks another recent acquisition for Wind River in the mobile Linux development space. How will this impact the software provider's stance? What value will MIZI provide for Wind River? (29 Aug 2008)


Cirtas reveals its cloud storage focus and Bluejet technology

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Zetta advances its storage cloud service to general availability, plans expansion

The cloud storage specialist's service has graduated to general availability. Will Zetta's cloud provide customers with an alternative to enterprise NAS? (21 Oct 2009)

Symform embraces the 'cooperative cloud' for disaster recovery

The Seattle-based startup notes that most other online backup services are too costly because of datacenter overheads. Symform's workaround? Eliminate the datacenter and utilize the customers' spare storage capacity. (20 Oct 2009)

Have it your way: IBM adds storage into its cloud computing mix

Just a few months after Big Blue unveiled its cloud strategy, it now has revealed a storage element built around its GPFS technology. The vendor will start with a private cloud capability but will offer a range of buy, rent and lease options. (15 Oct 2009)

Cleversafe locks onto the cloud with dispersed object storage

The data-dispersion specialist has added support for object-based storage with an eye toward expanding deeper into the cloud storage market. Will object storage push Cleversafe's reach into the digital content storage space? (28 Sep 2009)

Bycast tilts StorageGRID at enterprise-class clouds

The Canadian storage virtualization firm has prospered so far by concentrating on the healthcare vertical. It now believes the greater opportunity is in the emerging enterprise-class cloud storage market, and is tweaking its strategy accordingly. (20 Aug 2009)


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M&A opportunities arise in cloud storage as startups continue to emerge

The last few months have seen a number of startups surface in the cloud storage arena, many of which claim to have solved the challenge of extreme data volumes. With larger vendors and service providers still to make a move, M&A is a likely option. (29 Sep 2009)


Mainframe Jobs Considered Recession Proof

A CNBC career expert interviewed on the Today Show claims "mainframe computer expert" is a good, recession-proof 21st-century career choice ...


Mainframe Zone


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