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Information Technology and Systems Concepts

Course Number: CMPT130

  • Provides an understanding of the major role of information systems in providing solution to business problems and opportunities for the organization through new technology (hardware, software, telecommunications, and enterprise-wide networking)

  • Provides a basic introduction to the information system’s building processes; including analysis and design, and the success/failure of information systems.

  • Teaches students how to manage information resources, new technology and communication networks for the survival of the organization.

  • Examines the growth of the Internet and globalization of trade (E-Commerce).

  • Provides the opportunity to utilize specific software in the solving of information management and system development problems.

  • Examines the management challenges and opportunities created by the pervasiveness of information systems and ways to cope with the control, security, ethical and social impact of information systems on organizations and individuals.

    This is an eight week course.