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DB2 Application Programming

This course presents the fundamental concepts and programming techniques required to access DB2 for z/OS data through application programs. Students will learn to code programs with embedded SQL and to use a variety of attachment facilities to run those programs against DB2 for z/OS databases. The course includes many hands-on programming exercises which give students the opportunity to develop programming skills, learn good programming techniques and implement programming best practices while accessing DB2 data. Students taking this course should have a basic understanding of relational databases (preferably DB2 for z/OS) and a basic knowledge of SQL.

Upon successful completion of this course, students will be able to:

  • Understand the physical design of a DB2 for z/OS database, and how this design impacts application development

  • Describe key features in DB2 for z/OS which support application development

  • Understand application environments and their connections to DB2 for z/OS

  • Utilize a variety of advanced query capabilities provided by DB2 for z/OS in accessing data via application programs

  • Design, develop, prepare, and deploy both local and remote application programs which access DB2 for z/OS data

  • Leverage traditional and new application development technologies such as C, C++, Java, XML, SOA, and Web Services

  • Recognize and troubleshoot database and application performance issues


To meet these goals, the course covers the following topics*:

  • Programming APIs for DB2 for z/OS

    • Overview

      • Application development foundations

      • Creating a simple application in TSO

      • Creating a simple application using RDz toolset

    • Programming Interface

      • Host language interfaces (COBOL, PL/1, etc)

      • CLI/ODBC interfaces

      • JDBC/SQLJ interfaces

    • Preparation and Execution

      • Preparation of programs with embedded SQL, JDBC applications, SQLJ applications, and stored procedures

      • Executing programs under TSO

      • Using DB2I to prepare and run programs

    • Extended Functionality

      • Triggers

      • UDF – user defined functions

      • Stored procedures

    • Running COBOL programs in CICS

  • Exploitation of SQL Functions

    • SQL Deep Dive

      • Physical database design

      • Advanced query design

      • Security and authorization

    • Application Performance Tuning

      • Application performance monitoring techniques

      • Application performance tuning techniques

    • New Database Applications

      • pureXML

      • Application development support for XML

      • SOA and DB2 Web Services

      • Web Services programming using Data Studio

      • pureQuery using Data Studio

      • Spatial data analysis

    • Additional topics to be determined by the instructor

Students taking this course should have a basic understanding of relational databases (preferably DB2 for z/OS) and a basic knowledge of SQL.


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