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DB2 Fundamentals

The DB2 Fundamentals class provides an introduction to the DB2 relational database system as implemented on z/OS. It introduces the major DB2 concepts, structures, functions and features and includes the following:

  • Introduction to DB2

  • DB2 Concepts

  • DB2 System Overview

  • DB2 System Structures

  • DB2 Database Services

  • DB2 Environment

  • DB2 Attachment Facilities

  • DB2 Workload Management

  • Distributed Data Facility

  • SQL Overview

  • DB2 Interface

  • SQL Journeys

  • Database Implementation

  • Application Implementation

  • Concurrency Control

  • DB2 Security

  • DB2 Logging and Recovery

  • Startup and Restart

  • DB2 Commands, Utilities, and Tools

  • System Performance

  • Fundamental Query Optimization


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