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z/OS Expert Certificate

The z/OS Expert Certificate builds on the skills and knowledge areas developed in the Associate and Professional Certificates. It covers a mix of technology of interest to all z/OS System Programmers. In particular, it exposes the student to z/OS installation, DB2 Fundamentals, and z/OS Performance Fundamentals. All enterprises that use z Systems need to install new releases of the operating system, major subsystems and preventative service. The z/OS Installation class provides extensive hands on labs to develop these skills. DB2 is the database manager of choice for many new z/OS applications and represents leading edge relational database technology. System programmers need to be familiar with it as it runs in most z/OS data centers. Finally, z/OS Performance Fundamentals provides a practical approach to developing skills that allow system programmers to understand their hardware and software environment and its performance characteristics. Click on a module name for more information on its content.

Prerequisite: z/OS Professional Certificate


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